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Laurie Lebrun  (ローリー・レブラン)

Laurie Lebrun is a Partner of Major, Lindsey & Africa, a global legal recruiting company.  Laurie established her company’s Tokyo office in 2007 and is actively engaged in private practice and in-house placements in both Japan and Korea.


Laurie is actively engaged in the legal community in Japan. For six years, Laurie was a member of the Executive Committee of the Foreign Women Lawyers' Association of Japan and chair of its Career Pursuits Committee. Most recently, Laurie played a key role in establishing Women In Law Japan. She also speaks annually to students attending Temple University Beasley School of Law’s study abroad program in Japan in an effort to help prepare them for future jobs in the Tokyo legal market.

A New York qualified lawyer, Laurie practiced for more than five years in the New York and Tokyo offices of Cleary, Gottlieb, Steen & Hamilton as a securities and mergers and acquisitions lawyer. During this time, Laurie was involved in transactions in Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Thailand, the Philippines and throughout the United States.


ローリーは日本の法務市場に積極的に関わりを持ち、6年間、日本の外国人女性法律家協会(FWLA)の執行委員およびキャリア研究委員会の議長として活躍しました。最近では、Women in Law Japanの立ち上げにおいて、重要な役割を務めました。 また、テンプル大学ビーズリー・ロー・スクールが日本で実施している海外研修プログラムの学生達のために、将来東京の法務市場で仕事を得るためのガイダンスとして、年一回講演を行なっております。