The 2nd WILJ event (April 6)

Thank you very much for attending last night's event, and also a huge thanks to Claire for her candid, insightful and practical advice.

With over 60 attendees, we could not have had such a successful gathering without your enthusiastic participation and we hope you found the evening enlightening and enjoyable.

Claire's enthusiasm is contagious – I hope you went home inspired and invigorated as much as we did!

Some of the takeaways were:
•    Be objective about yourself (one tip is to keep an updated resume with the work that you have been doing).
•    Whether you can provide a solution is key.
•    It is a competitive world – you have to stand up.
•    Being emotional about the work that you are doing can be a good thing – it shows how attached and committed you are about the success of the project.
•    In negotiation (eg salary review meeting), you are playing a role.  Understand your audience.
•    Find a mentor/sponsor/network – people with mentors achieve more!
Claire talked about negotiation and identity, and introduced us to the following books:
•    Beyond Reason: Using Emotions as You Negotiate              by Roger Fisher and Daniel Shapiro
•    Getting to Yes: Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In     by  William L. Ury, Roger Fisher and Bruce M. Patton
*Also available in Japanese: 『新ハーバード流交渉術 論理と感情をどう生かすか』
•    On Identity by Amin Maalouf
Voices from the attendees:
•    "I wish I had heard Claire speak 20 years ago, it was so full of wonderful advice."
•    "It was absolutely amazing – so glad to have joined."
•    " I heard that Claire puts on charity concerts; when is the next one?"

Again, thank you very much for your participation. We sincerely look forward to seeing you again soon at our next Women in Law Japan event.